Improving municipal solid waste incineration plants P&L

Waste incineration plants require major capex and relevant opex that affect directly to the necessary plant gate fee. Any saving on this will make the plant more cost effective, and therefore more competitive.

And this must be done using solutions that keep the highest levels of availability, not only for commercial but also for social and environmental reasons.

Waste to Energy Industry
Waste to Energy Industry
Waste to Energy Industry
Waste to Energy Industry
Waste to Energy Industry
Waste to Energy Industry

What we do

We supply bio-drying systems for the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste that avoid the usage of energy for evaporation of water content in waste, removing it out naturally, and that has two effects: 1st, reducing the size of the waste incineration plant, reducing capex and opex, and 2nd, optimizing the production of energy avoiding the need to evaporate water by utilizing valuable energy content of waste.

Our scope of supply focusses in

Windrow based bio-drying equipment, bucket wheel systems (‘rotopala’), complemented with all of the required electro-mechanical handling equipment for feeding waste and taking it out.

Water and air processing inside the bio-hall. Full process control by ensuring the most suitable levels of oxygen, humidity and temperature at each process stage.

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