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TAIM WESER is a worldwide company specialized in the development and supply of tailor made solutions to meet today industry’s challenges with tomorrow technologies in the fields of materials handling, lifting and waste treatment.


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Facilities - Capacities

TAIM WESER’s headquarters are located in Zaragoza (Spain), in a 64.000 sqm installations, where we design, manufacture and dispatch our projects.

TAIM WESER’s highly qualified technical team engages always to the development of the tailor made solutions, applying leading edge technology to fulfil each customer specifications.

The experience gained from our decades long track-record delivering projects, as well as the use of the most advanced technical tools, allows us to offer the most reliable state-of-the-art technology solutions to our customer’s needs.


Our engineering department is supported by more than 80 technical experts who develop our projects according to the latest technologies, including virtual/augmented reality, data analytics, drones support and much more.

Our highly specialized workshops are equipped with the most advanced production means to manufacture key components for our systems according to the most demanding quality controls.

And through erection and commissioning team, we culminate the whole fulfilment of the entire TAIM WESER process. Our commitment continues after delivery through our after sales service, which secures our clients quick assistance to whichever eventuality might happen and a fast response to requests and spare parts supply.

The continuous professional development of our human team completes the high potential productivity of TAIM WESER, always in a constant struggle for the delivery of efficient and tailored solutions to our customers.

Taim Weser solutions

Tailor made projects

We always supply our projects fulfilling our customers’ specific requirements, delivering a tailor made solution for their needs.

The effective coordination of our people and in-house technology makes TAIM WESER a company capable of developing very competitive tailor made technology projects worldwide. The full project control by our company guarantees the quality during all phases of the project, thus securing an accurate and well-arranged development that satisfies our customers.

Local supplies and services are integrated in our projects whenever it’s possible to optimize costs, improve leadtimes and enhance and beef up the project destination country industry.

We lift our customer’s projects to the virtual world and convey them to the real world.

Our core values

Project orientation

We are a provider of tailor made solutions


We always attend to our customers requirements to provide them with customized and innovative solutions


We are our customers technology partner


We know what to do efficiently

Track record

We have proven it globally


We are in market since almost 120 years


Worldwide, our customers rely upon us


Our staff is skilled and result oriented minded


We do in-house engineering and production of key equipment

Key Milestones

  • 1899 The origin

    TFG Talleres Florencio Gómez Is founded to develop conveying and lifting equipment

  • 1953 Foundation of taim

    To contribute to the developing of the mining industry mechanization.

  • 1973 The merger

    TAIM acquired the ownership of TFG and merged the two companies into one TAIM-TFG

  • 2006 The acquisition

    TAIM-TFG acquired the company WESER Engineering GmbH to enhance its potential in materials handling and waste treatment.

  • 2008 TAIM WESER

    is born to keep on company’s worldwide expansion strategy.


    TAIM WESER is a reliable and well-known worldwide player in materials handling, lifting and waste treatment.

The way of excellence

CSR and ethics

TAIM WESER is a worldwide company striving for excellence in management providing satisfaction to our customers, employees, shareholders and partners.

The mobility of employment, assets, products and technology, makes business increasingly global. Laws and market forces are necessary, but not strong enough guidelines for appropriate business behaviour.

The sense of responsibility in policies and operations of the company, and the respect for the dignity and interests of those involved in them, are fundamental.

Customer’s satisfaction

by means of customized solutions and innovative products


in management within a framework of continuous improvement

Innovation and Technology

becoming a leader in our industry due to technology leadership

Social responsibility

respecting laws, rules and fundamental rights of people


Respecting and strictly observing the rules to participate in a sustainable development


Enhancing personal dignity and the individual recognition of each person’s contribution to the company to have a flexible, highly-qualified professional human team


Having both customers and suppliers as the basis for stable and lasting relationships

Total quality

developing individual and team commitment to full quality assurance


becoming a leader in innovation, technology, cost and quality standards

Quality and innovation

Guarantee of Total Quality
We fully satisfy our customers expectations

Supplying tailor made solutions encourages us to develop our job in the most efficient way, requiring our strongest commitment to continuous improvement of quality, performance and innovation along the whole supply chain.

Bureau Veritas Certification

Our company

Key people

Manuel Teruel

Manuel Teruel


Alfredo Sánchez

Alfredo Sánchez


Alfredo Sánchez

Alfredo Sánchez

Managing director

Javier Gascón

Javier Gascón


Antoine De Man

Antoine De Man

Sales director

Eva Teruel

Eva Teruel


Enrique Tambo

Enrique Tambo


Manuel Quintana

Manuel Quintana