TAIM WESER's Biomass Plant

The gasification technology that has been developed by TAIM WESER is based on a Down-Draft gasification vessel with a descending parallel flow, which is characterised by the low tar content in the gas product.

The technology applied is the gasification of diverse agriforest and wood waste in a poor oxygen atmosphere using air as a gasification agent. The main characteristics of this type of fuel are humidity (10-15%) and grain size (0,2-10 cm).

The biomass feed into the gasifier is heated in the poor oxygen atmosphere, to avoid combustion, producing a gas which, after various processes of conditioning, feeds a gas engine connected to a generator.

The thermal energy produced can be used either for drying the biomass, if this reaches the plant with a higher humidity than the optimum for operation (10-15%),as well as other applications which TAIM WESER can develop as per client requirements. Within the possible applications we highlight the following:
- Community heating for public buildings or residential communities.
- Drying processes (alfalfa, painting furnaces)
- Heating and cooling of warehouses.

Characteristics of the system

Biomass consumption: 650-750 kg/h
P.C.I. synthesis gas: 1.32-1.55 KWh/Nm3
Gas flow in Engine: 1.170-1470 Nm3/h
Ashes: 15-35 Kg/h

Technical specifications

Electric power: 650-750 KWe
Useable thermal energy: 1200-1400 KWt
Plant consumption (without biomass preparation): 10%
Operating time: 7000 h/year

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