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TAIM WESER, SA, will take all reasonable steps to monitor the legality of any contents, images, opinions and other information that may be communicated via its Website. However, since absolute control of these is not possible, the Users alone will be responsible for the information, images, opinions, allusions or contents of any type that they communicate, host, transmit, make available or exhibit via the Website. Specifically, TAIM WESER, SA, does not identify with any of the opinions that Users may issue via the Website and the issuer of these is entirely responsible for the consequences of the same.

TAIM WESER, SA, may limit access to the Website of opinions, information, comments, images or drawings that Users send to it, and may install filters for such purposes, should it consider this to be opportune. The above right in no way implies that TAIM WESER, SA is obliged to control contents that may be disseminated via its Website, but is merely an expression of its will to prevent as far as possible, that through it,  contents or opinions that may be considered defamatory, racist, sexist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, violent or which, in any way, go against morality, public order or respectability, or which are clearly illicit, might be placed on the Internet.

Access to or use of the Website and its contents for illegal or unauthorised purposes is strictly prohibited and, hence, the consequences of such will be the sole responsibility of the User. More specifically, but without the list being considered exhaustive, the following are prohibited: the infringement in any way of the fundamental rights of third parties to personal and family honour, freedom from injury to reputation and privacy, the violation of the right to confidentiality in communications, the breach of industrial and intellectual property rights or of the rules regulating the protection of data of a personal nature. The user likewise undertakes not to publish, divulge, advertise or distribute any material or information which is illegal, obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, misleading, racist, or in any way contrary to morality, respectability or public order, as well as undertaking not to introduce any computer virus, defective files, or any other computer programme that may cause damage or alteration to the contents, programs or systems of TAIM WESER, SA.

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TAIM WESER, SA shall be entitled to immediately suspend the provision of the service and, where applicable, to remove the contents presumed or declared to be illegal, whether it does so at its absolute discretion, or at the request of an affected third party or competent authority. Said suspension or removal will in no case give rise to any entitlement to compensation.

TAIM WESER, SA shall not be liable for viruses which may originate in data transmission, infiltrated by third parties (for example, word processing macros, Java applets and Activex programs), generated for the purpose of causing negative results for a computer system. TAIM WESER, SA, does not accept responsibility for any possible technical problems or mechanical failures which may affect computer equipment during connection to the Internet.

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The User transfers to TAIM WESER, SA, for the whole world, the rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication regarding the contents that it supplies via the Website, as well as the right of modification in order to adapt them to the publishing requirements of TAIM WESER, SA, and moreover guarantees the legitimate ownership or right of disposal of the said rights.

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